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News: Iris Versari Vocational school Wins National Award "A school of innovation" with the project Net4Voice


Iris Versari Vocational school  Wins National Award "A school of innovation" with the project Net4Voice 


On May 20, 2010 Iris Versari was proclaimed winner of the Prize "A school of innovation” (sec. objects to support education for  disabled). Eight hundred and twenty three  Italian schools participated in this  national competition, sponsored by the Department for the digitization of public administration and technological innovation in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, University and Research.
The Headmaster Giancarlo Domenichini,  teachers and students involved in the project were awarded at  the Forum PA in Rome by the Head of Department for Innovation Turatti Renzo, Carlo Mochi Sismondi, President of the Forum PA and Maria Domenica Testa on behalf of MIUR.
Iris Versari school won numerous awards: a laptop netbook, a laptop touch screen, various softwares  and USB sticks, a projector and a digital whiteboard.
The best  projects  will be published within the Digital Library portal InnovaScuola

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